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Tuscany is known for its landscapes, traditions, history, artistic legacy and its influence on high culture. It is regarded as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and has been home to many figures influential in the history of art and science

Amalfi coast

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The Amalfi Coast is a popular tourist destination for the region and Italy as a whole, attracting thousands of tourists annually. In 1997, the Amalfi Coast was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a cultural landscape.


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Rome historic centre is listed by UNESCO. Monuments and museums such as the Vatican Museums and the Colosseum are among the world's most visited tourist destinations with both locations receiving millions of tourists a year.

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Pompeii tour

Pompeii, along with Herculaneum  was mostly destroyed and buried under 4 to 6 m of volcanic ash and pumice in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79.

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Rome Tour

The Colosseum is an oval amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome is the largest amphitheatre ever built.Construction began...

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Siena & San Gimignano

The historic centre of Siena has been declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site.It is one of the nation's most visited tourist attractions


Tours around Italy

First-class service at affordable prices.Tours around Italy makes sure your experience doesn’t just meet your expectations, it surpasses them. We offer a vast array of luxury vehicles, all impeccably maintained and ready to do one thing: serve you ! Each comes complete with a professional chauffeur to ensure your complete satisfaction.Tours around Italy provides highly informative and professional tour guides who are exceptionally skilled, local experts with a solid knowledge of the area and Historical anecdotes to offer you the finest limousine service in Italy Tours around Italy can accommodate any size group with luxury comfortable vehicles.Travel in one of our chauffeured vehicles and experience impeccable service.We specialize in providing exceptional service to the tourists visiting our art cities for the first and the following times. We hope to be your limousine service provider during your stay in Italy.Our drivers fully licensed and reliable will give you a memorable view of this amazing country.You will be transported by drivers who are familiar with local areas,as well as regional destinations throughout Italy.Best of all our rates remains competitive. The company is fully insured,all drivers are required to have a commercial license and submit to random drug and alcohol testing. Tours around Italy has been successful in offering the best limousine services in Rome to its clients who come to visit Rome or the natives too.Our goal is to give you a taste of Italy's hospitality and character through its people, monuments and food. We don't want our clients to feel frazzled or uncomfortable at any time during the tours or excursions and will go the distance to assure it. In any case, we will give you the tour you expect and will let you relax. Visiting Rome in our limos, you will find bespoke, confident and eminence services based on your needs and interests.

What we do

  • Airport connection services,we will pick you up directly inside the arrival terminal after the custom
  • Cruise terminal connection:transfers from the port to the city or vice-versa
  • Private tours,sightseeing,excursions,the best way to enjoy our art cities
  • Highly professional services at the lowest competitive rates
  • Chauffeured day trips:anywhere,nationwide,to support you wherever you are

Other Services

  • Shore excursions limited:small groups,escape the crowds of the coaches tours
  • Happening and special events all over in Italy
  • Independent shore excursions:visit by your own our itineraries we just provide you transportation
  • Italy genealogy tours:to discover your roots and find even the smallest village where your family come from
  • Cooking classes gourmet tours:to learn and practice Italian cuisine
  • Wine tasting tours:to taste an heritage of thousand years
  • Honeymoon and wedding plan:always more people choose to get married or spend their honeymoon in Italy we help you to realize it
  • Shore day trips:from all ports of call of Italy
  • Shared shore excursions:join to other people on the cruise ship and share the expense with them


  • Tours around Italy:will help you make the most of your time in port and provide you the best transportation and guide services available
  • We provide you:unique cruise shore excursions,individualized itineraries and the freedom and knowledge to go off on your own if you so choose

Special packages

  • Civitavecchia,Livorno,Napoli: special discount for who books with us at least two shore excursions between these ports of call
  • Pre-cruise,post-cruise:cuise shore excursions and extension for a memorable staying in Italy
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The Roman Forum center of the political,religious,commercial life in the ancient Rome.


The cradle of the renaissance and arts in Italy.

Amalfi coast

Amazing and breathtaking sceneries in one of the Unesco sites of Italy


San Marco square by night one of the most beautiful sight of Italy

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with us throughout Italy
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